So You're a Music Therapist

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captainfantastiic asked: Hi! I'm a student who is doing a research paper on how the body reacts to music and how it can be used as a therapy. And I'm wondering if you could please tell me a little about music therapy and how it helps people? Like how does music effects the body? You don't have to answer any of these questions but I would be truly happy if you did! :))

Sorry I was away from the blog for awhile, so I’m probably a little late in answering this! 

For information and research on MT I would recommend looking at the AMTA website- They have lots of fact sheets and information as well as links to studies and articles supporting the use of MT.

living-in-kansas asked: So, I'm 15, thinking about majoring in music therapy. Why should I be doing now to help me in the future?

I would recommend observing some music therapists in your area! Music therapists work with a wide range of people, so this will help give you a taste of what we do and see if it’s something you like.

Other than that, take some music and psychology classes if they are offered at your school and maybe volunteer or do some other work with populations you’re interested in.